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Having great passion from a very young age, Mr. Murray built his first castles in lego. From there came the dream of dedicating his life to building the most beautiful works. With this dream kept in mind, once his studies were complete Mr. Murray began his career as a laborer specialized in masonry. While observing the work of the master masons, without further delay, it was love at first sight.
He enrolled in a course of masonry at the École des métiers de la construction in Montreal, where he finished among the first of his class. Even before completing his training, several companies were already interested in his services, offering him an excellent choice of job opportunities. He acquired his experience and expertise, by choosing to work among the oldest masons in order to obtain the good old techniques and habits of the trade, enabling him to master the art of masonry.
Having the need for new challenges, he later founded his own company,Maçonneries Murray Inc.Hiring only the most highly qualified and respected specialists in the field, he now offered a personalized service way beyond expectations and aimed for perfection and the total satisfaction of his many customers.
During several trips abroad, Mr. Murray had the opportunity of observing the demanding work of the masons. Realizing that the techniques and execution methods could be greatly improved, an idea comes to mind of offering his services and sharing his acquired knowledge obtained through the years, on a worldwide scale.
Mr. Murray along with his skilled, well-trained and qualified staff are convinced they can meet all your needs by providing to your project, an appearance of elegance along with durability for many years to come.
Numerous satisfied customers have testified that all of the Maçonneries Murray Inc. teams do great justice to their exceptional reputation, perform excellent work, offer good advice and take their work at heart. Others have mentioned that they have even surpassed their expectations.
Thank you for trusting in us and making dreams come true!

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